About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting Color Up! We initially started our business 16 years ago, however with two boys, full-time jobs, and the uncertainty of starting our own business, we placed it on hold. Flash forward to 2021, where after many years of saying "we really should", we finally did! Color Up was built based on our (Shannon and Christine) combined 40+ years of experience in training both dogs and horses respectively and wishing to create durable, high-quality products for our customers. Shannon's previous experience was working full-time as a Police K-9 trainer prior to becoming a K9 Officer and Christine operating as a Trainer in the Hunter/Jumper horse discipline, which is also how we met - through our love for animals! Together we have dedicated much time to develop products that are durable, unique, and long-lasting that we know will meet our customers needs and expectations.

We truly hope you enjoy our products!

Best Wishes,

Shannon & Christine